Business model and value creation
Business model and value creation

Business model

Key figures

Market / Area

100 %

failure-free functioning of the balancing market


balancing market participants


(DSR) agreements on the provision of demand side response, as requested by the TSO


capacity agreements concluded as a result of a main auction in the capacity market


capacity agreements concluded as a result of additional auctions in the capacity market

Infrastructure and investment area

PLN 1.1 billion

of expenditures incurred for the completion of investment tasks in 2020

PLN 1.5 billion

the value of tangible and intangible assets transferred to form the property

People and relationships area

100 %

employees covered by the incentive pay system

1 840

trainings for PSE employees

PLN 863,462 thousand

the total value of contracts awarded to contracting parties

Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne is the only transmission system operator (TSO) in Poland. It is a single-shareholder company owned by the State Treasury, being of key importance to the national security, and responsible for the reliability of electricity supply to all regions of Poland. PSE ensures stable operation of the National Power System (NPS), which is a part of the common European system.
The company manages over 15,000 km of extra-high voltage lines and 109 substations. The PSE's network infrastructure is located on real properties with a total area of 8,177,683.50 m2.
Principles of operation of the operator in Poland
The basic duties of the transmission system operator are set out in the Energy Law and the secondary legislation introduced based on this law, which define both the tasks to be performed by PSE and their financing method, as well as the applicable technical standards and reliability criteria.
The costs of performing our tasks are regulated costs, covered by transmission fees paid by the transmission system users according to the tariff approved by the President of the ERO. As an operator, we perform tasks using the technical resources of entities connected to the transmission system. These entities are obligated to make the resources available under applicable laws or appropriate civil law agreements.
We provide services to:

  • electric utilities engaged in the generation and trading of electricity,
  • electric power distribution system operators (DSOs),
  • end users directly connected to the transmission network.

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