Environmental impact and climate actions
PSE makes every effort to reconcile reliable and efficient operation of the power system and its development with respect for the environment.

Each of our power investment projects meets the legal requirements for the environmental impact of extra-high voltage infrastructure.

Polish safety standards in the field of electric and magnetic fields for residential places are among the strictest in the world.

Energy efficiency

GRI 103-1 GRI 103-2
We systematically conduct activities to increase efficiency in energy use. These include improving energy efficiency in PSE's operations and real property maintenance, as well as implementing environmental awareness campaigns for our employees.
Actions performed successively at PSE include:
  • replacement of lighting fixtures with LED fixtures,
  • modernization of plant and lighting control systems,
  • installation of a UPS for the server room.
All of these actions are successively contributing to improving energy efficiency throughout the organization.
In-house indicator
1. Replacement of 300 downlight fixtures at PSE headquarters
In 2020, 300 2x26 W downlight fixtures were replaced with new DN060B LED18S/840 PSU WH LED fixtures of 18 W each.

The task was intended to reduce energy consumption by using energy-efficient LED fixtures and replacing old, out-of-stock fixtures with new, widely available ones.

Assuming an average operating time of 6 hours per day, the fixtures replacement resulted in a total annual savings of 22 MWh.
In-house indicator
2. Installation of a UPS for the server room -217-W and increasing the number of battery strings in selected server rooms at the PSE headquarters in Konstancin-Jeziorna.
Objectives of the task:
  • Excluding the power supply of the server room from the operation of the fire switch.
  • Improving the power supply safety.
  • Installation of the unit with higher energy performance.
In 2021, a UPS was installed for the server room -217-W and the number of battery strings was increased in selected server rooms at the PSE headquarters in Konstancin-Jeziorna. In addition to the effects relevant to the organization in the form of a significant improvement in power supply safety, the task resulted in a significant reduction of electricity losses. The modern UPS unit currently installed in the server room has been designed using different technology and features much higher energy conversion efficiency, which equates to reduced cooling requirements.

The increased efficiency and lower cooling demand translate into electricity savings of about 15 MWh per year.
Reducing plastic consumption
Water purchases for PSE employees were limited in 2020. Employees who worked remotely did not place orders for deliveries of bottled water.
  • The decrease in plastic bottle water consumption was 38 percent over the year (In 2019, 449,208 pieces of plastic water bottles were purchased and 275,234 pieces were purchased in 2020).
    In terms of liters, this means 260,460 liters of water in 2019 and 163,129.4 liters in 2020.
  • At the same time, purchases of water in glass bottles decreased from 14,572 pieces in 2019 to 10,612 pieces in 2020, which means per liter of water, respectively: 4,545 liters in 2019 and 1,264 liters in 2020. The decrease in glass water bottles consumption was 72 percent.
GRI 302-1 Total energy consumption in the organization 2020 2019
Total consumption of fuels from non-renewable sources in Konstancin-Jeziorna and ZKO:   30 554   34 059
- Gasoline   10 707   14 716
- Diesel fuel   11 395   11 937
- Natural gas   8 452   7 406
Total heat consumption   10 933   13 115
Total electricity consumption in Konstancin-Jeziorna and ZKO 10 540,90 37 947 10 889 39 201
Total energy consumption (total fuel consumption + total heat consumption + total electricity consumption in Konstancin-Jeziorna and ZKO)   79 434   86 375
Electricity losses in the transmission process 1 457 807 5 248 105 1 476 221 5 314 396
Electricity consumption at substations 44 355 159 678 44 381 159 772
Total electricity sales 1 689,4 6 082 1 842 6 631

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