Impact on society
and employees
The quality of life of Poles depends on our actions and ensuring the continuity of electricity supplies.

PSE’s particular concern is to ensure the safety of employees and personnel of contractors providing services to our company. Therefore, we constantly care about the development and safety of our technical infrastructure.

We are a modern organization, shaping an innovative work environment. We care about the development of competences of our employees. We want to continually strengthen the unique knowledge base within the organization and the expertise of PSE's staff responsible for maintaining a safe and stable power system.

We are committed to strengthening awareness and educating the public about how the electricity market works.

Flagship community projects

GRI 103-1 GRI 103-3
Assumptions for taking social actions by PSE
As PSE, we take actions for the benefit of local communities in the areas where we carry out network investment projects or work related to the maintenance of the existing infrastructure. We understand our co-responsibility for the development of society and improving the quality of life of the residents of municipalities and counties in which we are actively involved. We listen to their needs and expectations, and encourage them to integrate and take actions with reference to issues that are important to them, so that they can co-create and develop the social infrastructure.

In 2020, our organization allocated approximately PLN 4.29 million for the implementation of social projects that focused on the objectives related to environmental protection, health promotion, education, improvement of the quality of life and elimination of inequality.

A part of this amount went to the support of health care and activities to purchase medical equipment and supplies needed in medical centers to prevent, combat and diminish the impact of the pandemic of the virus that causes COVID-19.

We also continued to support grassroots, long-term initiatives through the good neighbor grant program „WzMOCnij Swoje Otoczenie” (“EmPower Your Environment”). In the second edition of the program, in more than 70 municipalities from 9 voivodeships, we distinguished 59 municipal offices, 18 local government units and 30 non-governmental organizations which received grants of more than PLN 2 million in total, in the following categories: health, shared public space development, physical activity, education, safety, and the environment.
In 2020, PSE supported long-term initiatives in areas such as:
  • Environmental protection;
  • Health promotion;
  • Education;
  • Improving the quality of life for citizens;
  • Activities that eliminate social inequality/marginalization.

In-house indicator
Ochrona środowiska
WMarking out of an educational and nature trail in the Polanów municipality
PSE's business area: implementation of investment projects related to the connection and transfer of power from Offshore Wind Farms.

The idea behind the project consisting in marking out of an educational and nature trail in the Polanów municipality was the need to create a place for education and recreation intended for the residents.

For this purpose, the space being the center of the local ecosystem was used – the area of the Grabowa river, the municipal water reservoir, the surrounding forests, the Natura 2000 site, the hills surrounding the Polanów municipality, such as the Warblewska Mountain and bicycle routes, such as: the “Greenway Necklace of the North” and Nordic walking trails. Thanks to the installation of landscaping elements – thematic boards, a table with an educational board and benches, or special ecological photo walls – it was possible to encourage the residents to gain knowledge about the natural values of their immediate surroundings. The co-funded activities are long-lasting – outdoor nature and biology classes and thematic workshops are planned on the project site.

The project worth PLN 20 thousand was carried out from August to November 2020. It reached approximately 20 thousand people – families with children and adults.
Ochrona środowiska
Construction of an aeration system in municipal ponds in the area of Lwówek Śląski municipalityi
PSE business area: construction of 400 kV line between Mikułowa and Świebodzice.

The idea of the project was to continue the development of common public space ─ the City Park in Lwówek Śląski ─ by enriching the park's landscape with new aesthetic qualities.

The creation of an aeration system for local ponds has significantly improved the water quality – particularly at these points where the ponds are arranged in a closed system and, therefore, have no access to fresh water. The installed system ensured increased oxygen content in the water, which created better living conditions for the fish, and contributed to the inhibition of algae growth and reduction of mosquito population. The project was included in the Development Strategy for the Municipality and Town of Lwówek Śląski for 2018–2023, as a response to the demand of the residents who signaled too slow expansion of common public space..

Project value: PLN 20 thousand. The project was executed from July till the end of November. It covered more than 17,000 residents of the municipality.
Initiative area: HEALTH PROMOTION
Working with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of State Assets to fight COVID-19
PSE business area:
  • 400 kV line between Pątnów and Kromolice (in service),
  • 400 kV line between Plewiska and Piła Krzewina (in service),
  • 220 kV line between Pątnów and Podolszyce (in service),
  • 220 kV line between Łagisza and Byczyna/Halemba, and between Kopanina and Katowice (in service).

The idea behind the project by PSE, the Ministry of State Assets and the Ministry of Health was to take preventive measures to offset the effects of the coronavirus pandemic in areas where PSE operates as the national electricity transmission system operator.

The goal of the activities was to provide equipment and material aid to medical centers and their staff, who are on the front lines of the fight against the pandemic.

The project was worth more than PLN 1.44 million.

Support went to the following entities:
  • the Provincial Hospital Complex in Konin,
  • the Specialist Health Care Center for Mothers and Children in Poznań,
  • St. Josephs's Hospital in Mikołów,
  • the Central Sanitary and Anti-epidemic Reserve Base in Poręby near Zduńska Wola.

PSE partners received the following: donations to purchase personal protection equipment, life support respiratory equipment, patient monitors, electronic non-contact thermometers, oxygen therapy equipment, and a sample transport vehicle with lab tests.
Cooperation with the Caritas Polska foundation as part of the #GratefulToMedics (#WdzięczniMedykom) campaign
PSE business area:
  • implementation of investment projects related to the connection and transfer of power from Offshore Wind Farms,
  • construction of 400 kV line between Ostrołęka and Stanisławów,
  • construction of 400 kV line between Kozienice, Siedlce and Miłosna,
  • construction of 400 kV line between Baczyna and Plewiska,
  • 220 kV line between Byczyna and Jamki/Koksochemia (in service).

The #GratefulToMedics campaign was launched by Caritas Poland in response to the needs of hospitals and medical centers on the front lines of the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

The goal of the initiative undertaken by the largest aid organization in the country was to provide the necessary equipment and supplies for the medical personnel, and to deliver the same to as many health care centers in Poland as possible.

As part of the cooperation with PSE, aid in the form of portable respirators, surgical masks, gloves and protective aprons was provided to medical institutions operating in municipalities and counties where the extra high voltage infrastructure exists or is under construction.

Recipients included:
  • Puck Hospital,
  • Specialist Hospital in Wejherowo,
  • Kartuzy County Hospital,
  • Independent Public Health Care Center in Nowy Tomyśl,
  • Mazovian Specialist Hospital in Ostrołęka,
  • County Health Center in Otwock.

The project was worth PLN 400 thousand.
Creation of a room for sensory integration at the Local Government Kindergarten in Celestynów
PSE business area: construction of 400 kV line between Kozienice and Miłosna.

The idea behind the project was to create the first sensory integration room in the municipality of Celestynów, allowing local kindergarten children to compensate for developmental deficits.

Until now, local residents have found it difficult to access free forms of therapy for children. They were forced to use private practices.

The room created with the help of PSE is aimed at children experiencing difficulties in normal social functioning, being hyperactive and overactive, but also at children with autism, cerebral palsy, Asperger's syndrome and other dysfunctions that impede normal development and functioning. The professionally equipped room, which has all the necessary equipment for sensory integration therapy, is also used for other specialized activities such as hand therapy, social skills training and corrective gymnastics.

The value of the project amounted to PLN 20 thousand.

The project, which was executed from July to mid-December 2020, reached 200 students.
Modernization of the chemistry room at the Secondary School No. 2 in Dąbrowa Górnicza
PSE business area: modernization of 220 kV line between Byczyna and Jamki, and between Byczyna and Koksochemia.

The idea behind the project was to upgrade the chemistry lab in the secondary school. As part of the collaboration between the secondary school and PSE, two 8-person island tables and a metal cabinet for chemical reagents were purchased.

The opportunity to work with modern equipment has enriched the students' classes and made them more attractive, which has improved the standard and quality of teaching as part of preparations for the matriculation examination and continuation of higher education in chemistry, natural sciences and biology. Modern equipment is thus a very important tool in the promotion of the Secondary School No. 2 in Dąbrowa Górnicza among elementary school graduates.

In addition to high school students, the new lab equipment is also used by elementary school students and even preschool children as part of demonstration classes and workshops.

The value of the project amounted to approx. PLN 20 thousand.

The project, which was executed from December to March, reached 1,000 students.
Poprawa jakości życia obywateli
Marking out bicycle routes in Wiązowna
PSE business area: construction of 400 kV line between Kozienice and Miłosna.

The idea behind the project was to develop sightseeing tourism in the Wiązowna municipality having special natural qualities. The Wiązowna bicycle routes lead along asphalt and dirt roads, and – in exceptional places – along forest lanes and bikepaths.

Particularly noteworthy is their location along the reserves in the valley of the Świder and Mienia rivers, including areas protected within the Natura 2000 site.

As part of the project, shelters with benches, bike racks, trash cans, and signs with descriptions were installed along each route. The routes are suitable for experienced riders as well as amateurs, families with children or seniors. Thanks to PSE support, directional signposts typical of bike routes were also installed along this route. The plaques are made of weather-resistant metal. This will help them last longer in the field. The first route runs from Wiązowna to Duchnowo, and the second one from Kąck to Kopki.

The project, worth PLN 20 thousand, was implemented from August to December 2020 in cooperation with the Mazovia Branch of the Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society (PTTK) from Warsaw, with the technical support of the Social Cooperative “Odmiana” from Wiązowna. It reached 2,000 residents.
Poprawa jakości życia obywateli
Construction of a street workout park in the Świerzawa municipality
PSE business area: construction of 400 kV line between Mikułowa and Świebodzice.

construction of 400 kV line between Mikułowa and Świebodzice.

Calisthenics has a positive effect on the circulatory system, and shapes muscles, balance, agility and coordination.

The park, which can be used all year round, was created on the site of a former tennis court, within the complex of sports fields in Stara Kraśnica. Its users are the inhabitants of the Świerzawa municipality and the neighboring municipalities and towns. They are mainly active people who play sports.

Project value: PLN 20 thousand

The project reached over 7,000 people. It was implemented from August to mid-December 2020.
Poprawa jakości życia obywateli
Purchase of a rescue boat for the volunteer fire brigade in Żydowo
PSE's business area: implementation of investment projects related to the connection and transfer of power from Offshore Wind Farms.

The idea behind the project was to increase the safety of residents during and after the pandemic of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

Within a radius of 15 km from the village of Żydowo there are as many as 12 lakes. In the lead-up to the project, the local volunteer fire brigade unit saw a growing interest in outdoor activities along the water areas. There was also a fatal accident involving a resident at the time. The purchase of the new boat has helped shorten the time of response to emergencies within the municipality's lakes. The project has improved the safety of the residents of the Polanów municipality, including those who most often rest by the water.

Project value: PLN 20 thousand

The project was implemented from August to mid-December 2020. It reached over 8,000 people.
Wykluczenie społeczne
Creating equal opportunities for children from rural areas of the Pszczew municipality through the organization of robotics and programming classes
PSE business area: construction of 400 kV line between Baczyna and Plewiska.

The idea of the project was to create equal opportunities for access to extracurricular activities in the field of robotics and programming for children from rural areas of the Pszczew municipality, especially those with special educational needs and limited financial capabilities.

Thanks to activities organized in each village, children were able to spend their free time in a creative and educational way.

ZOnline classes were organized in 12 villages of the municipality. These were: Borowy Młyn, Janowo, Nowe Gorzycko, Policko, Pszczew, Rańsko, Silna, Stoki, Stołuń, Świechocin, Szarcz and Zielomyśl.

The direct recipients of the project were preschool and school children. Children from families with the lowest income and the most limited developmental opportunities were recruited first. As part of the project, sets of robots were purchased, which will be used in the future during stationary classes in classrooms and rural community centers of the Pszczew municipality.

Project value: PLN 19 thousand

The project was implemented in November 2020. It reached 500 people.

Key figures

PLN 4.29


total value donated by PSE for social actions in 2020


beneficiaries ─ entities that benefited from the PSE's social support in 2020.

PLN 1,96


value of in-kind and financial donations for the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic



including 100 projects through community sponsorship and 64 through donations, implemented in 172 municipalities in 11 voivodeships.

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